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Why We're the Best Tiffin Providers Around

New Menu Everyday

We’re all foodies here and well, picky eaters too. Variety is what we crave and the good news is, we understand that. We thus have a multi-cuisine Dabba, new menus everyday.

Homemade food

Two words that draw the eyeballs of all the non-localites around here – “Homemade Food”. What sets us apart you ask? We keep our word.

Fast Home Delivery

Revenge is best served cold, not food. There is nothing like eating steaming hot food for dinner after a long tiring day. We promise to deliver you by 8:45PM.

Best Prices Around

Lip smacking, finger lickin’ food at the best prices in town. We make sure the food we serve is worth every penny you spend.


Who Are We?
Social startup aimed at empowering under-privileged women

Mother’s Masala is a social startup which aims to empower women and provide them a platform to showcase their skills which in-turn benefit the society. We provide the platform where women work together to create delicious food which is delivered to students, working professionals and anyone else who loves a mother's homemade dinner. A venture of 16 undergrads with no prior business experience whatsoever, we attempt to give back to the community by selflessly uplifting the destitute. Currently, we are working with women blessed with impeccable culinary skills but unfortunately lack the resources to make their ends meet. We ensure people get homemade food, away from home.


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Aditya Chattopadhyay

Better known as ‘Chatto’. Foodie. Football fiend. Mr. Tension. Enjoys talking to people. Coffee FTW. Life revolves around work.

Pratik Rajurkar

Teacher. Industrial engineer. Trekker. Traveller. Photographer. Cycling enthusiast. The go to person for any problem.


Public Relations
Popularly known as ‘Batra’. Punjabi Munda. Foodie. A Cricket buff. Affable. Easy-going. How you doin’?

Chinmay Wyawahare

Techgeek. Coder. Designer. Hobbyist photographer. Budding Writer. Gamer. Fond of pets. Easy to talk to.

Meghana Murali

Classical dancer. Loves learning languages. Dan Brown fan. Obsessed with coffee. Tries to find happiness in small things.

Naithik Shetty

Maître Queux
Foodie. Connoisseur of Food. Artist. Mr. Nobody-knows-my-first-name. Super reliable. A coffee afficionado.

Omkar Khandekar

I’m “Gopi”. Pro swimmer. Fish by heart. Rebel. Better than sniffer dogs in finding food. Gamer. Loves Cars and wants to drive them all. Mathematics terrifies me.

Parag Ambekar

Happy-go-lucky. A pool and football enthusiast. Sleepaholic. Literally takes the road less travelled. Always creates a convivial atmosphere. Keeps perfect company.

Shweta Zawar

Art Lover. Constantly looking for new experiences. Creative Soul. Innovation driven. All time Yes for Coffee and Music.

Siddarth Wekhande

Most know him as “Vety”. Extremely tech-savvy. Quiet on the outside, loud from the inside. Always has a fiction story writing in his head. Loves to try different things in life. Dreamer by heart, coder by passion.

Sushindran V.

Database Handler
Football Enthusiast. Avid Reader. ‘Live in the moment’ person. TV Maniac. Productivity of a task serves as a momentum to keep going. In pursuit of happiness.

Tanaya Kakade

Forever hungry not just for food but also knowledge. Determined. A perfectionist to the point of OCD. Extremely Loquacious. Dance runs in her veins.

Vedant Gala

Popularly known as ‘Gala’. The guy with Unlimited Patience, never loses his cool. Easily approachable. Big time Physics freak. New found love for travel. Believer of the quote, “Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you get next.”

Vishnu Hilal

Loves playing Volleyball and Cricket and talking to new people. Adventurous. Powernap specialist. Foodie. Consumed by Wanderlust.

Yash Mundada

Public Relations
Baniya guy in the house. Avid reader. Movie buff. Trekker. Traveller. Love moving around and meeting new people. Football fanatic, hardcore Manchester United fan (We got Zlatan!)

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