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Mother’s Masala is a social startup which aims to empower women

Mother’s Masala is a socio centric startup venture aimed at addressing need of healthy and homely food for all those people living away from their homes and also empowering underprivileged women by providing job opportunities to them. We provide the platform where women work together to create delicious food which is delivered to students, working professionals and anyone else who loves a mother's homemade dinner.
Our government defines poverty as the people earning $1.9/day but that isn’t enough for the basic necessities of food, clothes and shelter even in rural areas, let alone in urban areas. The scenario is worse for females. As compared to males, fewer percentages of females are employed. A general trend suggests that in bigger metropolitan cities in India, female unemployment is at its peak. Women are capable of earning as much as their male counterparts if not more.
Over the year we have gradually grown with the customer count, cooks engaged, the variety of food served and revenues. Starting from 70 customers a month, we are now serving 150+ customers per month.

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